mark r
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    • mark r

      You guys we can’t judge a great president based on economic growth anymore. We’ve used all the cheap resources, maxed out credit, outsourced all the good jobs and import everything from everywhere else while gas only goes up. The only ways left to get 80s-era growth are fracking, deepwater drilling, a new useless war, continued banking deregulation for magical finance bubble tricks, rebuilding from superstorms instead of preventing them, transferring invaluable social programs into corporate welfare, more lobbying for megajails, blank-check military waste, or repealing EPA laws for clean air and water. All of which are terrible mostly irreversible and wasteful things that would still only boost growth for a while. Slow to no growth is the new normal for so many reasons, and that should only be bad news to economists. And in my opinion Obama or any future president will only truly become great president once he confronts economists, openly addresses the fundamental flaws in perpetual-growth economics and make a case for GDP vs quality of life.

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