Ten Star Wars Gifs

The Star Wars franchise is not only responsible for some of the best movies made of all time (many would argue only three of the six should be considered!), it’s also responsible for a whole group of fans that spend their hours creating a lot of gifs memes and other internet goodies. Here’s a collection of some of the most popular Star Wars gifs that have surfaced recently in the Google+ Star Wars community and other parts of the galaxy…

1. Blow-dry for Chewy

Miguel Ricardo / Via plus.google.com

2. Who’s your Daddy? Who’s your Daddy?

Tommy Nunno / Via plus.google.com

3. Yoda rocks it out

Tony Hannides / Via plus.google.com

4. Don’t drink and fly Luke

Paqo’ Gers / Via plus.google.com

5. Darth Vader does Disney

6. Obi Wan finds another use for the force

Aline Alee / Via plus.google.com

7. At-At refuelling

AnAKiN SkyWaLKeR / Via plus.google.com

8. You can’t polish a Jabba

Dunken K Bliths / Via plus.google.com

9. Like father, like sons

Tumblr / Via tumblr.com

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