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    25 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching The Good Wife

    The Good Wife is possibly the most underrated show currently on television. But don't worry, there's still time for you to catch up (and you should).

    25. TV bingers, rejoice! If you're not watching The Good Wife yet, you hopefully will be by the end of this post.

    24. You are missing out on one of the best TV shows on air right now.

    23. AND it's not on any fancy station.

    No HBO or AMC or Starz. Nope, The Good Wife is probably one of the only good shows on broadcast television.

    22. It's been a great show since it started in 2009.

    21. And like good wine, it's only gotten better with time.

    20. The show's been nominated for 30 Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes.

    And they've won a few, too.

    19. It has a little bit of everything.

    18. So what happens? Well, there's usually a court case.

    For all you Law & Order fans.

    17. But there's also at least one political story arc in each season.

    For all you West Wingers.

    16. With some drama.

    But not a lot.

    15. And love triangles.

    You gotta have the love triangles. Team Peter or Team Will?

    14. Timing really is everything.

    That Will Gardner...

    13. There are a few big surprises.

    This is a spoiler-free post, but get ready to cry during Episode 15 of Season 5. Also, read this after you watch that episode. It will make you feel better.

    12. It's based on real-life events.

    Cheating politician stories are dime-a-dozen nowadays.

    Notice any similarities?

    Huma and Anthony, Alicia and Peter. Same thing.

    11. And real politicians even want to be on the show.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

    Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in an episode in Season 4 and current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is featured in an episode in Season 5.

    10. Alicia Florrick is a boss.

    She is the television version of Hillary Clinton, except with much better style. Don't. Mess. With. Her.

    9. Chris Noth is once again a character you have a love-hate relationship with.

    Mr. Big anyone?

    8. You'll wish you were tough like Kalinda.

    7. And sassy like Cary.

    6. You'll fall in love with some of the recurring guest characters.

    Like Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox).

    5. Stern, Lockehart & Gardner is filled with #BAMFs.

    4. It will quickly become clear that Julianna Margulies is amazing in every way.

    Who looks this good at 47?

    3. The rest of the cast is pretty fabulous, too.

    2. There's no complaining about not being able to find it.

    The first four seasons can be streamed on Amazon Prime or Hulu. Choose Amazon Prime if you don't want to watch commercials.

    1. It's already renewed for Season 6.

    Season 5 will be wrapping up this spring, and you'll have time to catch up before Season 6 starts! Get bingin'.

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