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18 Reasons Why Papa Pope Must Live

He may be a little (OK, a lot) messed up, but Eli Pope is part of what has made Scandal's Season 3 so great. Here's 18 reasons why Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers shouldn't kill him off in the season finale this Thursday. #PrayForPapaPope

sophrosenba 5 years ago

23 Reasons Why Kristen Bell Is The Best

Kristen Bell is at the top of her game right now. She's got the Veronica Mars movie out, the lead role in Disney's highest grossing animated film ever and a new baby.

sophrosenba 5 years ago

10 Ways To Save Money This Valentine's Day

Don't be like every other couple on Valentine's Day. There's no need to buy a cardboard heart filled with mediocre chocolates and a terrifyingly large teddy bear. Plus, haven't you done that every other year? Make this year special without breaking the bank.

sophrosenba 5 years ago

21 Truths About The Job Hunt

The job hunt sucks, but we've all been there. Let's crawl out of this pool of self-loathing together.

sophrosenba 5 years ago

21 Signs You Are In "Scandal" Withdrawal

Feb. 27 is 49 days away, which is far too long to find out what happens next on Scandal. By this point, many Gladiators are going into withdrawal.

sophrosenba 5 years ago