23 Reasons Why Kristen Bell Is The Best

Kristen Bell is at the top of her game right now. She’s got the Veronica Mars movie out, the lead role in Disney’s highest grossing animated film ever and a new baby.

1. Kristen Bell has slowly been winning over the hearts of all Americans since her career launched in 1998.

Polish Wedding was her first film, where she played an uncredited teenage girl.

2. She wasn’t always a household name until her big break as Veronica Mars in 2004.

3. After that, she dabbled in TV for a little bit playing the electric Elle Bishop on Heroes.

4. Her voice-acting career started as the voice behind Gossip Girl.

5. She even made a cameo in one of the episodes.

6. While there have been a handful of not-so-great films she’s been in…

Couple’s Retreat, When In Rome, You Again…

7. She’s also been in some awesome ones.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall may just be the best one.

8. She makes an amazing recurring guest.

9. And is so dedicated to her fans that she and the rest of the cast of Veronica Mars made no money to make a movie.

Rob Thomas started The Vernoica Mars Movie Project on Kickstarter. They quickly surpassed their original goal of $2 million and wound up raising more than $5 million.

10. Not only can she act, we also recently learned she has the perfect Disney princess voice.

11. She proved just how good she was when she sang all of Anna’s parts in “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” during a live performance of Frozen recently.

12. In her spare time, she raises awareness about recycling.

13. Her and her husband Dax Shepard are spearheading a campaign called the “No Kids Policy Movement”.

They don’t think children of famous people should have to deal with paparazzi stalking them. Go to 4:18 in this video to hear what she has to say.

14. Her and Dax also refused to get married for a while…

Because they have a lot of friends in the gay community and didn’t think it was fair that they could get married, but their friends couldn’t.

15. But then they did get married.

For $142 (including gas). Once DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court, the two lovebirds tied the knot at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office.

16. They also recently had a baby girl named Lincoln.

17. She may love sloths a little too much.

For her birthday, Dax surprised her with a sloth that hung out at her birthday party. She was so excited she had a panic attack. She told Ellen about it…you will probably cry from laughing so hard.

18. And while she’s quite modest…

19. She’s not afraid to be confident about her body.

“I like my bum,” she told Conan during a recent interview.

20. This is her reaction to being on the cover of Maxim.

21. She clearly has a good sense of humor.

22. But don’t mess with her.

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