21 Signs You Are In “Scandal” Withdrawal

Feb. 27 is 49 days away, which is far too long to find out what happens next on Scandal. By this point, many Gladiators are going into withdrawal.

1. When you’re pouring a glass of wine, you give yourself two options.

ABC / Via youtube.com

A normal-sized glass or an Olivia Pope-sized glass. Wine is good for you, and for Olivia, it’s a whole food group. So drink up.

2. When someone tells you to give them a minute…

You immediately think of this.

3. Or better yet, this…

“Vermont Is For Lovers” was such a happy time for Olitz.

4. Everytime you hear this song, you think of that house in Vermont.

ABC / Via youtube.com

And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know…ain’t no sunshine when she gone. Bill Withers speaks the truth during Fitz and Olivia’s passionate make-up scene in Vermont.

5. When you see a woman wearing a white trench coat…

…You think of all the Olivia’s beautiful coats and outfits. Can’t we all have Lyn Paolo dress us? I’m sure she’s quite afforable.

6. A Washington scandal immediately makes you think - WWOPAD?

Yes, WWOPAD stands for What Would Olivia Pope and Associates Do? And that’s a serious question - what would they do? Handle it, for sure.

7. You scour the Internet for interviews and updates about the cast.

ABC / Via youtube.com

Like this gem of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on The View. Just watch the last minute or so. It’s good.

8. You frequently find yourself wondering what the hell Maya Pope was doing outside of the White House.

That bitch be cray.

9. And what about Eli?

Is it his turn in the hole? Side note: Jake looks good in a tux. Real good.

10. And Quinn?

I’m pretty sure Huck - AKA I-Torture-Quinn-And-Am-Going-Crazy - should not be telling anyone who is and isn’t a gladiator. Here’s to hoping there is less torture in the second half of season 3.

11. You hope your dad will never come close to having this kind of conversation with someone you love.

And you kind of hope there are more scenes between Joe Morton and Tony Goldwyn.

12. You miss “Scandal” Thursdays.

Via Twitter

You know, when you see the clock approaching 10:55 p.m. and you freak out because you know a lot of crazy shit is about to happen. Then at 11 p.m., you are in shock after seeing the last 5 minutes of the episode. And on Friday, you wake up with a #ScandalHangover.

13. And #AskScandal live tweets from the cast.

ABC / Via Tumblr

Especially Darby Stanchfield. CAPS LOCK ON.

14. Wonderland means something entirely different to you.

Wonderland is no longer a happy-place word. Instead, it immediately reminds you of scary Daddy Pope and all the messed up shit B6-13 has done.

15. You’ve finally convinced your friends to watch Scandal

But they’re not caught up. So you have to talk in code.

16. Scandal has taught you that foresight is key to life.

Sorry, Cy. Your husband is kinda like Mellie’s husband…

17. I mean really, all James wanted was a fat baby and a little reporting job on the side.

And a house and a fireplace. But I agree with Dan Bucatinsky, “learn from #fitz.”

18. You channel your inner Harrison when you give a pep talk.

Harrison is smooth and classy and we know NOTHING about him. Although I’m pretty sure Adnan Salif will change that.

19. Jam is no longer a jelly-like spread.

It is the symbol of your dream that Olivia and Fitz will find a way to live in Vermont and live happily ever after. Mellie may not want them to share their stupid little story, but you do. Come on Shonda Rhimes, Vermont is for lovers, right?

20. You wish your boyfriend would say “hi” to you like Tony Goldwyn.

And come to your house and run out the clock with you. Pick you. Choose you. Earn you.

21. But most of all, you just can’t $%!& wait until Feb. 27.

Not soon enough, Mama Pope. Not soon enough.

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