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    • soph

      Tomten and brownies are entirely different mythology, tomten are scandinavian forest folk, brownies are from the british isles and would clean homes and aid in tasks around the house for porridge or honey and unrelated to christmas or yule. Tomten are not always relative to christmas but christmas tomten bring gifts to the house much like the yule goat, and if not repaid or treated respectfully, they will play tricks on you. they are a newer edition to the tomten mythology (circa 1800s), previous tomten were forest folk or lived in gardens.

    • soph

      I mean this article is about someone who is first coming out, and finding confidence in a new identity and community. It makes sense to me that in the face of embracing all of that (especially if you’re from a more conservative background where the idea of a queer woman fits one standard mould) you try on your perceptions of gay and what might have been forbidden before you find out what fits you.

    • soph

      Cyphinos, I’ve lived in four countries (excluding the US) and never heard that, albeit I rarely spoke English during my time abroad and do not know what ‘out in the world’ constitutes for you. It’s easy in a colloquial sense but the lack of respect it garners is sad. There are almost a million words in the English language, not to mention homonyms, heterographs, and synophones. It is has an incomparably rich vocabulary, and while we may not always find the exact word we want, we are given the ability for precision and flexibility that few languages allow. I know someone will say it is because English is a thief of words from others but speakers of other languages also bring words into English, and we welcome the opportunity to be more explicit, to play with the way we speak.  Creepingthistle, English does conjugate verbs, I’m not sure why you think that.

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