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    19 Places In Perth That Will Make Your Pizza Dreams Come True

    Get ready to witness some straight-up food porn.

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    1. Theo and Co Pizzeria, Victoria Park

    2. Pizzeria Amore Mio, Maylands

    3. Monsterella Pizza, Wembley

    4. Canteen Pizza, Cottesloe

    5. Dough Pizza, Northbridge and Whitfords

    6. SIMPLE Italian Cucina Pizzeria, Perth CBD

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    As the saying goes, “real Italians eat simple” and that’s exactly what this menu is. Think uncomplicated food and thick crust pizzas, which are absolutely delicious.

    You’ll need to try the pizza bread with olive oil, which will make you feel like you’re in Italy, as well as their home-made fettuccine. Best of all, you’ll find this pizzeria on the bustling Murrey Street, which makes it perfect for some late night munchies after a night of bar hopping.

    7. Papagallo, Leederville

    8. RISE pizza, City Beach

    9. The Old Piccadilly, Joondalup

    10. Little C’s Pizza, Hillarys

    11. DAT’S Amore, Mullaloo

    12. Leap Frog Cafe, Wanneroo

    13. Siena’s, Leederville

    14. Sopranos Pizzeria Ristorante, South Perth

    15. Woodpeckers Woodfired Restaurant And Cafe, Subiaco

    16. Bentley Wood Fired Pizza, Bentley


    This pizzeria claims to make the best pizza you will ever taste and it’s safe to say that they definitely live up to the hype. Inspired by both American and Italian-style pizzas, Bentleys uses homegrown Western Australian ingredients for a fresh and delicious culinary experience. With their friendly staff and talented chef, it’s a family-friendly place that’s sure to become your new favourite spot.

    17. The Dough Room, Attadale

    18. Mack Daddy’s, Mt Lawley

    Via Facebook: mackdaddysoriginalnewyorkslice

    Mack Daddy’s is all about getting your money’s worth. Try their gigantic New York-style pizza with gooey mozzarella. Or if you need something to hit that sweet spot, order their amazing peanut butter fudge brownie, which will give you mouth orgasms with every bite. Be sure to check out the old posters and graffiti art plastered all over the walls as well!

    19. Trattoria Galetto Pasta and Pizza, Subiaco

    Now go forth and enjoy that cheesy goodness!


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