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31 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Lancashire Knows To Be True

From Morecambe to Ormskirk and Fleetwood to Nelson, we're heading down th'memory lane.

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1. You don't think there's anything funny about this place name.

4. You’ve legitimately struck up a conversation with these guys when walking home drunk.

5. But only if this lot weren’t available.

6. You still expect shoes to be tied together with string when you try them on.

Remember having to walk like a penguin when your parents made you try out your new Tommy Ball's school shoes?

7. You queued up for the Big One as soon as you were old enough.

9. Trips here were the height of excitement.

10. You probably got to see the world's biggest Pear Drop too.

Sadly this big lump of sugar has since been relocated.


13. This was your Northern Star.

14. Even when it said this.

Think hard before you sack the electrician at Thwaits!

Henry Stimpson@80sLadFollow

Think hard before you sack the electrician at Thwaits!

8:57 PM - 24 Jan 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

15. You know that this place serves the world's best ice cream.

Especially the mint choc chip.

16. You have an inbuilt, irrational dislike of this entire neighbouring county.

18. This town has connotations other than an '80s milk advert.

If you really want, you can watch the advert that's plagued Accringtonians for almost 30 years on YouTube.


22. And have often made the pilgrimage to see the Illuminations.

Blackpool > Scarborough. IDST.

24. You've met someone from Coronation Street, and probably have their autograph.

Aww just found my signed autograph from Kirk #Corrie


Aww just found my signed autograph from Kirk #Corrie

6:27 PM - 19 Sep 13ReplyRetweetFavorite


25. You know a lot about witches.

And remember learning about Demdike, Nutter, and Chattox.

28. You've eaten at a restaurant owned by Nigel Howarth.