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21 Secrets Chinese Restaurant Waiters Will Never Tell You

Please don't order omelette and chips.

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1. We don't understand why you always order sweet and sour chicken.

There's so much more to life than this one dish.


5. No one in the back is eating what you are.

It's all fresh veg and seafood in here.


9. The beautifully crafted vegetable flower on your plate might have been on someone else's first.

Let's just say that in a busy service, there's not always time to make them fresh.

11. The sauce you're eating probably has tomato ketchup in it.

It's a good flavour kick in sweet and sour, tomato, and Cantonese sauces.

12. Soy sauce stains.

So use it at your own peril, and keep the kids away from it.


14. If you're ordering a snack to take away, salt and pepper chicken wings are your best bet.

They're fresh, quick, and yummy.

15. And if you want to avoid getting oil everywhere, stay away from the prawn crackers.

They're full of the stuff.


18. No, you don't have to be Chinese to work here.

Do you ask KFC's staff if they're from Kentucky?!

19. We're really good at napkin origami.

But it rarely comes in useful outside of the restaurant.