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    Nov 19, 2015

    21 Secrets Chinese Restaurant Waiters Will Never Tell You

    Please don't order omelette and chips.

    1. We don't understand why you always order sweet and sour chicken.

    2. But nothing is as soul-destroying as when you order omelette and chips from the English section of the menu.

    Via Flickr: 21829280@N02 / Creative Commons

    Seriously, live a little.

    3. We will never understand why you touch the hot plate after we've warned you it's hot.


    I told you they were hot as I laid them out. Why did you feel the need to check?!

    4. And everyone seems to burn themselves on the hot towels.

    Via Flickr: irishflyguy / Creative Commons

    The clue is in the name. Those towels are, er, hot.

    5. No one in the back is eating what you are.

    6. If you can't use chopsticks, just ask for a knife and fork.


    It's not at all embarrassing, and your food is going cold.

    7. No, we can't teach you to use them. / Via

    One day, it will just click.

    8. We spend the end of every shift cleaning up noodles from the floor.


    It is possible to eat Chinese food without making a mess. It's just never happened yet.

    9. The beautifully crafted vegetable flower on your plate might have been on someone else's first.

    10. No, you can't have more free prawn crackers.

    Via Flickr: seeminglee / Creative Commons

    But you can order more and then pay.

    11. The sauce you're eating probably has tomato ketchup in it.

    12. Soy sauce stains.

    13. Don't bother ordering rice if you're having a chow mein.

    Via Flickr: elsiehui / Creative Commons

    You'll never manage to eat all those noodles and a portion of rice.

    14. If you're ordering a snack to take away, salt and pepper chicken wings are your best bet.

    15. And if you want to avoid getting oil everywhere, stay away from the prawn crackers.

    16. Please don't try to be funny or cute when ordering the bill.


    Just ask for it. Please.

    17. New Year's Eve is the worst night to work.


    Why is the entire world ordering a takeaway?

    18. No, you don't have to be Chinese to work here.

    19. We're really good at napkin origami.

    20. We hate shredding duck in front of you.

    Via Flickr: stuart_spivack / Creative Commons

    Our boss makes us do it, but really we're hoping you'll handle it yourself.

    21. And even though our hair always smells like prawns, we love our job.


    We get to eat so much Chinese food.

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