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    Jan 29, 2015

    18 Classic Lancashire Dishes Everyone Should Learn To Cook

    Only the very best people are brought up on corned beef hash.

    1. Comforting corned beef hash

    2. Deliciously stodgy hot pot

    3. Fancy Manchester tarts

    4. Yummy scrummy Eccles cakes

    5. Nice and simple Chorley cakes

    6. Crumbly Lancashire cheese

    Flickr: jayneandd /Creative Commons

    Great in recipes like this cheese and onion pie.

    7. Rich Bury black pudding

    8. Strong Lancashire bomb cheese

    9. Indulgent Malkin pie

    Twitter: @SimonKendrew

    Based on ingredients thought to have been consumed by the Pendle Witches at the Good Friday feast, this multi-layered meat and veg pie is named after Malkin Tower. See the full ingredients here.

    10. Creamy butter pie

    11. Excitingly-shaped Lancashire volcano cheese

    12. Greasy but wonderful dabs

    Sophie Maden / BuzzFeed

    Battered potato slices from the chip shop - even better when shoved into a buttered teacake as a dab butty.

    13. Lovely homemade tripe

    14. Seasonal parkin

    15. Gob-stopping treacle toffee

    16. Nostalgic Blackpool rock

    17. Unbeatable black peas

    18. Mouth-watering cheese and onion pie

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