Why 90s TV Show Promotional Stills Were So Much More Fun

God, these modern TV shows you get these days. All those people sitting on chairs, looking directly at the camera, with emotive half-lights, eh? What this country is coming to I’ll never know. I remember the 90s, where people used to be fun. TV characters didn’t just look broodingly into the distance, they crouched down. They drank milkshakes.

1. Nowadays, TV shows look like this.

Brooding. Blood on hands. Kevin Spacey having sex with your soul.

2. And this

Ooh, meth lords. Yellow. Eye contact. Mmm.

3. And of course, this.


4. They’re all just so darn serious.

6. Just lighten up, guys

7. In the 90s, things were so much more fun.

Hey, save some milkshakes for the rest of us, guys!

8. Here are the cast of Dawnson’s Creek on a life threatening wooden pier, but they still know how to have a good time

9. God guys, whilst you waste your time with your layered character developments, you could be kneeling on the floor, like the gang from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

10. Will Smith never let his blues get the better of him in Fresh Prince of Belair

11. And who needs angst when you have brick walls and loose denim, like the cast of Boy Meets World?

12. Clarissa faced all of life’s most important issues, but you’d never know with this cocked knee.

13. Keenan and Kel risked certain death by putting their heads through this picture frame whilst carrying red roses, but does THAT make the fun stop? No.

14. The girls from Charmed dealt with treacherous dark magic, but still made time for hair glitter.

15. So remember guys, always make time for the good times.

16. Because life is just too short.

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