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18 Words That Have A Different Meaning If You Went To School In Britain

"Miss I got peanutted"

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1. Benches.

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What it usually means: Something you sit on in a park.

What it meant in British schools: Basically the Iron Throne where you get to sit and look down upon the lower years.

4. Assembly.

What it usually means: A group meeting.

What it meant in British schools: An endless period of time where you'd be forced to sit on hard chairs (or the floor) and listen to something extremely boring.


9. Wet play.

John Johnston / Via Flickr: troutcolor

What it usually mean: Something vaguely filthy.

What it meant in British schools: Getting to have the time of your life playing snakes and ladders in the classroom because it was raining outside.

12. Dinner lady.

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What it means: A lady in charge of dinner.

What it meant in British schools: The scariest people at the school, who threatened to tell your mum if you didn't eat all your broccoli.