22 Wine Memes That Will Make Wine Lovers Laugh

    "Boys love confusing texts at 3 AM" — Wine.

    1. When you get that text.

    2. This easily achievable lifestyle.

    3. This truth.

    4. And this.

    5. This ridiculous invention.

    6. And this amazing one.

    7. A normal day in your life.

    9. This sign.

    10. And this life goal.

    11. This terrible day.

    12. This feeling we've all felt at least once.

    13. And this relatable mistake.

    14. This amazing poem.

    15. This fun activity evening.

    16. This relatable label.

    17. When you do exercise.

    18. And when you actually want to work out.

    19. When Jesus got it.

    20. When you finally get some balance in your life.

    21. When you get betrayed.

    22. And when you're finally home.