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    22 Things You'll Understand If Your Mum Really Loves Facebook

    "Your mum tagged you in 35 photos" *panics*

    1. In the early days your mum wasn't quite sure what she was doing on Facebook.

    Marcepanna / Via

    2. And it took her a little while to work it all out.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    3. Some of your mum's early Facebook statuses were probably slightly cryptic.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    4. And she definitely sent some messages you wouldn't send.

    @imm4ture / Via Twitter: @imm4ture

    You've got to respect this woman's boldness.

    5. It may have taken her a little while to get a hang of the lingo.

    Indyhouse / Via

    6. But now your mum is a goddamn Facebook machine.

    teenxwitch / Via

    7. As soon as she learned how to upload photos she absolutely ran with it and made an album of your embarrassing childhood pictures.

    @von_owie / Via Twitter: @von_owie

    Thanks, Mother.

    8. So you slightly live in fear of getting tagged in a photo by her.

    9. If she has a pet, they take pride of place on her Facebook.

    @laceyfron / Via Twitter: @laceyfron

    She's probably more proud of that cat than you.

    10. There's nothing your mum enjoys more than commenting on and liking everything you post.

    @madisonperkinsx / Via Twitter: @madisonperkinsx

    11. But your mum especially enjoys Facebook stalking you to see if you're dating anyone.

    Reasons not to have your mum on Facebook:

    12. And she immediately asks you if she suspects there may be someone new on the scene.

    @fifahowell / Via Twitter: @fifahowell

    13. You're pretty used to being tagged in Minions memes now.

    @swagDaddyAnn / Via Twitter: @swagDaddyAnn

    Mums on Facebook love Minions memes. Nobody knows why.

    14. She loves to tag you in pictures like this.

    Too real.

    15. And this.

    @chaimhochhauser/ / Via Twitter: @chaimhochhauser

    16. Your mum has probably tagged you in loads of inspirational quotes.

    Cat411 / Via


    17. But you never get too complacent because you know there's no greater burn than a mum Facebook tag burn.

    JulianHochsteinMintzel / Via


    18. Because mums on Facebook are secretly huge trolls.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    19. And actual comedy geniuses.


    20. Even though your mum might accidentally share something that will horrify you forever.

    Taylor_Kittenface / Via

    21. Actually, all those comments from your mum are pretty sweet.

    henrypenning / Via

    22. Because at least your mum is there to support you.

    jimmycobwell / Via

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