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    19 Translators Who Had A Bad Day At Work

    "French translation french"

    1. This translator who probably went out to lunch.

    2. This one who just got plain forgotten.

    3. And this one who absolutely definitely speaks Spanish.

    4. The person who went with this strange translation for Sour Patch Kids.

    5. Whatever this toilet was trying to say.

    6. This amazing visual convulsion.

    7. The person who got a bit confused.

    8. And the one who wasn't quite sure where zoo animals live.

    9. The person who just went with whatever.

    10. And the person who put this on a menu.

    11. The foolish person who relied on Google Translate.

    12. And the person that put this on their restaurant menu.

    13. The translator who made one small but important typo.

    14. And this equally terrible typo.

    15. This person who was pretty sure the gun had anger issues.

    16. This person who got the words slightly in the wrong order.

    17. And this person who ended up with something alarming.

    18. The translator who got asked to translate this from Welsh to English, for some reason.

    19. And whoever was behind the translation of this classic movie.