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19 Ridiculously Satisfying Times Tetris Happened In Real Life

Life is just a big old game of Tetris.

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1. This UPS truck.

@mattfuckingwaters / Via

2. These tater tots.

Oh my god.
Hivloger / Via

Oh my god.

3. This moving van.

@TMTDallas / Via Twitter: @TMTDallas

4. And this van.

Van Squad / Via

5. This box.

So neat.
dustbowldano / Via

So neat.

6. This construction site.

numeralsandletters 264 commentsshare / Via

7. This floor.

@BradZiffer / Via Twitter: @BradZiffer


8. This freezer.

darkninja2992 / Via

9. This kitty.

MrTubsey / Via

10. This fridge of joy.

So neat.
@Vamp_Kelly / Via Twitter: @Vamp_Kelly

So neat.

11. These snacks.

Ohnowait / Via

12. This honestly stunning suitcase packing.

Snug fit and also oddly satisfying 😃. #OCD #symmetry

@waynecole3 / Via Twitter: @waynecole3

13. These beers.

mahgad / Via

14. This suitcase.

This should be in an art gallery.
@Sarah_Drake13 / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Drake13

This should be in an art gallery.

15. This drawer before and after.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

16. This outstanding supermarket shop.

@MrCarlLister / Via Twitter: @MrCarlLister

17. These consoles.

@YomeNetSan / Via Twitter: @YomeNetSan

18. These logs.

@tgnGerman / Via Twitter: @tgnGerman

19. And oh my god these boxes being put together.

So satisfying.
@kristin / Via Twitter: @kristin

So satisfying.