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22 Times Supermarkets Got Completely Out Of Hand

Attention: Cat milk does not come from cats.

1. When it was time for kids to go back to school.


2. When this exciting treat was offered for Father's Day.

3. When condoms were clearly an important part of every athlete's diet.

4. When this Sainsbury's sign could be read slightly differently.

5. When these signs were next to each other, and it ~definitely~ wasn't intentional.

6. When Asda sold this extremely dodgy Mother's Day card.


(NB: We don't tend to send Mother's Day cards in the UK to anyone other than our own mothers.)

7. When this fabulous deal was offered in Asda.

What a great deal @asda @AsdaServiceTeam

*Buys 40*

8. When this irresistible whisky deal was available in Tesco.



9. And this one that probably won't save you any money.

Found this great deal at my local @tesco express...... I was tempted but there was just something that put me off...

10. When this warning had to be displayed.

Here is a handy supermarket sign informing people that 'Cat milk does not come from cats' Now you know. @BBCRadMac

11. When Tesco had to put up this warning.

Saw this sign in my local Tesco this morning. It's amazing what some people get up to when shopping.


12. And they put up this pretty threatening sign.

@Sarcasticluther Reminds me of this sign seen in a supermarket. Makes you feel like you're in a budget horror film.

13. When Tesco left a worrying sign about the state of their bananas.

14. But it was still less confusing than these bananas.

15. When this bread was a bit baffling.

16. And there was a pretty confusing sign in Asda.

Saw this sign in asda. Please can someone explain the difference between Ethnic Veg and Veg.

17. When Waitrose got a bit too enthusiastic with the adjectives.

18. And there was some risky grape action.

SERIOUSLY? Grapes KILL! Just saw this sign in @waitrose #GrapesOfWrath

19. When they were really conflicted.


20. When Tesco had no clue what a thigh master was.


21. Or men's formal shoes.


22. And, when dog treats were definitely a healthy treat for humans.


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