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19 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Everyone With A Crappy Summer Job

Dream summer! *Gets up at 6am every day for work*

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1. You have to get up early every damn day.

Even though it's THE SUMMER.

4. You think of making plans for your days off but you’re so damn tired you just end up sleeping.


5. Or doing summer homework.

Summer homework should be illegal.

7. You get massive FOMO from seeing your friends posting all their awesome summer photos.

And you're just sitting there indoors.

8. And half of your friends have summer jobs that look super fun.

10. And by the time your job is over it will basically be autumn again.

11. So you definitely can’t get a tan.

If that's your thing you'll have to resort to fake tan.

12. Or if your summer job involves working outside you just end up with terrible tan lines.

Not a great look.


16. You’re probably getting paid minimum wage, or less, to forgo your summer. / Via United Plankton Pictures

"Wow, I've been standing here for half an hour and I have just made enough money to buy one Starbucks coffee."