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23 Things You'll Understand If You’re Dating A Teacher

They're going to use the teacher voice on you.

1. Weeknight dates are out of the question.

2. And you're probably not going to get them to stay up past 10pm.

3. Because they have to be up seriously early for school the next day.

4. So their idea of a lie-in is sleeping till 7am on the weekends.

5. Most of your Friday night dates probably involve getting pizza and them doing marking while falling asleep in front of the TV.

6. So you really look forward to the school holidays.

7. But you can only go on holiday during the school break, so you're pretty used to paying expensive airfares.

8. And there are kids everywhere all of the time.

9. But the best time of year is Christmas because they're going to get a shitload of chocolates.

10. Or free booze if they're really lucky.

11. You’re pretty used to getting colds all the time.

12. And ~other~ childhood illnesses.

13. They might accidentally use their teacher voice on you occasionally.

14. It’s not unusual for them to come home covered in paint and glitter.

15. And they seem to carry tonnes of bags of paper and books around all the time.

16. Your house probably looks like this.

17. And they get very excited about new stationery.

18. There is nothing better than teacher gossip.

19. And you’re probably really invested in some of it, even if you’ve never met the kids.

20. But there is nothing more entertaining than a student giving a funny test answer.

21. You know there is no greater stress than end of term exam season.

22. Because they work way longer hours than most people expect.

23. And they work harder than anyone you know.