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19 Things People Who Love Going To Bed Early Will Understand

Because staying up late is THE WORST.

1. As a kid, at sleepovers you were always the first one to go to bed.

realitychangers / Via

2. And now, you’re completely used to going to bed when it’s still light outside in the summer.

Channel 4 / Via

Thank god for eyeshades and blackout blinds.

3. Getting a Facebook invite for a party that starts late is your idea of hell.

NBC / Via

4. And going out late on a work night is basically out of the question.

AMC / Via

You're that guy.

5. You have been known to leave a party before it starts getting going.

NBC / Via

Mysteriously of course, without letting anyone know.

6. But New Year’s Eve is the worst night of the year because you have GOT to stay up.

7. Sharing a house with people who go to bed later than you is enough to make you want to move out.

Fox / Via

"No, no, BY ALL MEANS carry on using the blender at 11pm."

8. And living next door to students who stay up late is your idea of hell.

ABC/Walt Disney Television / Via

9. But you get your revenge in the morning anyway.

JennaMarbles / Via

*Unnecessarily clanks dishes at 7am*

10. Nothing is worse for you than a late overnight flight.


Being at the airport late at night, jetlag, and an uncomfortable flight is a recipe for disaster.

11. You can’t bear the thought of going to a 9pm cinema showing.


*Works time back* that means not leaving the theatre TIL ALMOST MIDNIGHT. Nope, nope.

12. And when you’re watching Netflix you’re the one that turns it off before another episode so you can go to bed.


13. You live in fear of spoilers because you watch every new TV series a day after everyone else.

Bravo / Via

"It starts at 10pm and it's on for an hour? Yeh that's not happening."

14. Your friends always think you're ignoring them because you reply to all texts and calls a day late.

NBC / Via

15. You're never going to respond to that that 11pm booty call.

Via Twitter: @another5rapper

"U up" "Sorry I was in bed" - every time.

16. So you're pretty used to being laughed at for your sleep schedule.

Lorne Michaels/Paramount Pictures / Via

17. And even though your friends will try to make you stay out late, you have to fight them off.

Warner Bros / Via

18. Because if you don’t get into bed before 10pm, you know you're going to be a complete nightmare the next day.

Paramount Pictures/Lorne Michaels / Via

19. And you know there’s nothing better than a damn good early night.

USA Today / Via

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