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    19 Things You’ll Understand If You Grew Up Loud

    What's an inside voice?

    1. At school you were always the person in charge of the group presentation.

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    "You hold the poster, I'll do the talking"

    2. And you could never really understand why shy kids didn't want to be the centre of attention.

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    3. You probably grew up in a pretty loud family, so your only way of communicating was YELLING.

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    4. And your idea of chatting involved shouting over each other to get yourself heard.

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    5. A lot of your conversations were had by shouting at each other from different rooms.

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    6. So you’ve really had to get used to the concept of “inside voices”.

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    7. And it probably took you a while to work out whether there was a pause in conversation or if you were just interrupting.

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    8. At sleepovers growing up you were the one who got everyone in trouble for talking too loudly and waking the parents up.

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    9. You were always the person who got made to call for pizza delivery.

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    10. And the one who got made to ask your friends parents for things.

    Warner Bros.

    "You ask"

    "YOU ASK"

    "It's ok guys I WILL ASK"

    11. Whenever you happened to be quiet one day everyone would ask if there was something terribly wrong with you.

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    12. You were usually really quick to put your hand up in class.

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    Sometimes you didn't even know the answer.

    13. And your school reports probably commented on how “lively” you were.


    Lively = fabulous, obviously.

    14. You definitely got into school theatre at some point.

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    Theatre is where all the loud kids unite.

    15. But you were probably cast as the narrator at least once.


    The narrator is the traditional role for the kid with the loudest voice.

    16. And the debate team was your spiritual home.



    17. You definitely got in trouble at school for talking.

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    18. So your parents probably got called in to school for a meeting with your teacher because you could never shut up.

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    19. But even though being loud probably got you into trouble sometimes, you're glad you grew up with the confidence to stand up for yourself.

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