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17 Things You'll Get If You Grew Up Going To A "Cool" Church

Instead of an organist your church had a dude with a guitar.

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7. Your preacher/vicar/minister didn't wear traditional clothes.

Levis / Birkenstocks / Adrian Paulino / Public Domain / BuzzFeed

And if they did, you could always see their jeans poking out from under the robes.

8. And their sermons always started with some reference to whatever pop culture thing had happened that week.

@misstriall / Via Twitter: @misstriall

Only a "cool" church leader can so easily segue from talking about a Rihanna video to scripture.


9. You probably went to a lot of pot luck lunches growing up.

Nehrams2020 / Via

Everyone would bring some sort of mysterious stew or a huge tub of coleslaw. And all the desserts always had some gross fruit in them.

10. You definitely attended some sort of church youth club.

intrinsicallydisordered / Via

Everything was always a "jam" and you probably went along because they had a pool table and OK snacks. You could tell if it was a really cool youth club if the walls were decorated with fancy graffiti.


13. And one youth club leader who wore shirts like these.

Please go away 😂😂 RT @MelechT: If your youth pastor wore shirts like these, then your youth ministry was LIT

From far away you would never know they were God shirts.