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19 Things You'll Get If You're Obsessed With Looking At Houses

Forever spending your life looking at dream houses.

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1. If you live in an expensive area, you spend half your life looking at houses in cheap places.

Bleak double room in a house-share in Stratford = £650

Two-bedroom semi-detached house in Hull = £650

2. And you plan out a fantasy life for yourself whenever you find a cute house in a really random place.

"If I lived here I could get a dog and go for country walks every day! I would live in the middle of nowhere, though."


10. You watch all the different property shows.

"John and Lisa are poets from Glastonbury who've inexplicably got a budget of £500,000 to build a glass playroom extension on the family yurt for their 18-month-old baby Moonbeam": every episode of Grand Designs.