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    24 Things Women Can Finally Do

    At last.

    1. Park their cars.

    2. Listen to music.

    3. Read books.

    4. Smoke weed.

    5. Write with pencils.

    6. Learn to play the ukulele.

    7. Hammer things.

    8. Make their cars smell nice.

    9. Maintain their vehicles.

    10. Play with Nerf guns.

    11. Go fishing.

    12. Consume tuna spread.

    13. Eat bread.

    14. Buy spinach.

    15. Consume alcohol.

    16. Drink from a hip flask.

    17. Drink tea.

    Without the pink packaging and patronising blurb, I wouldn't have known this tea was for women! Thanks @Pukkaherbs!

    18. Punch things.

    19. Play golf.

    20. And buy golf balls.

    21. Wear false moustaches.

    22. Protect their hands from the harsh garden environment.

    23. And water their gardens.

    24. Block out the sound of the patriarchy.