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    18 Pictures That Will Soothe Your Brain

    Finally, some peace.

    1. Let the beauty of this avocado wash over you.

    2. Just breathe.

    @soojuemin / Via Twitter: @soojuemin

    3. Be at peace now.

    @ashtynbreit / Via Twitter: @ashtynbreit

    4. Allow the wonder of these matching shoes and nails to calm your tired head.

    @MegMcVaigh / Via Twitter: @MegMcVaigh

    5. Marvel at the joy in the world.

    @_emmacheryl / Via Twitter: @_emmacheryl

    6. Let those chill vibes wash over you.

    7. Don't worry about a thing.

    @Diimun / Via Twitter: @Diimun

    8. Take time out to enjoy this simple beauty.

    @eunwoosuschrist / Via Twitter: @eunwoosuschrist

    9. Forget all your troubles.

    thefreemansbackup / Via

    10. Chill out.

    witenry / Via

    11. Let your mind relax.

    @ahsinbby / Via Twitter: @ahsinbby

    12. Forget about all the bad things for a moment.

    @aimiemaddison / Via Twitter: @aimiemaddison

    13. Just breathe in and out.

    @TeeSoPettyLike / Via Twitter: @TeeSoPettyLike

    14. Enjoy this perfectly fitting waffle.

    TeaSippa / Via

    15. Give this orange a moment of your time.

    Pleiadesinabox / Via

    16. Think about this perfect cookie.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    17. Let this bring you peace.

    @ChloeL0uisey_ / Via Twitter: @ChloeL0uisey_

    18. And bask in the glory of this perfect pancake.

    @FrostedDev / Via Twitter: @FrostedDev

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