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    18 Pictures That Will Soothe Your Brain

    Finally, some peace.

    1. Let the beauty of this avocado wash over you.

    2. Just breathe.

    3. Be at peace now.

    4. Allow the wonder of these matching shoes and nails to calm your tired head.

    5. Marvel at the joy in the world.

    6. Let those chill vibes wash over you.

    7. Don't worry about a thing.

    8. Take time out to enjoy this simple beauty.

    9. Forget all your troubles.

    10. Chill out.

    11. Let your mind relax.

    12. Forget about all the bad things for a moment.

    13. Just breathe in and out.

    14. Enjoy this perfectly fitting waffle.

    15. Give this orange a moment of your time.

    16. Think about this perfect cookie.

    17. Let this bring you peace.

    18. And bask in the glory of this perfect pancake.