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19 Things That Will Make British People Laugh For Once In Their Lives

Having to carry your PE kit and food-tech things on the same day was the greatest stress of your life.

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1. How British people shower.


2. This accurate tweet.

To think that in y7 i was stressed over having to carry my pe kit and food-tech things on the same day, lmao

3. These British lads overreacting to their friends doing normal stuff while drunk.

4. This incredible piece of British graffiti.

@MaxMason9 / Via Twitter: @MaxMason9

5. This definite fact.

bulletsgee / Via

6. When Tamal perfectly summed up exams.

7. This perfect representation of British summer time.

FilmColony /

8. This beautiful response.

@RobSkilbeck / Via Twitter: @RobSkilbeck

9. This very common situation.

LauraEmilia / @itslaurrabitch / Via

10. This rude sign.

@Tom_Montgomery1 / Via Twitter: @Tom_Montgomery1

11. This extremely dull local newspaper story.

The Warminster Journal - Hard edged, no-nonsense journalism. Maintaining the tradition of Great British local paper!

12. And this extremely ironic British school cake sale.

13. When TfL had a go at Apple Maps.

@amanwhotweets / Via Twitter: @amanwhotweets

14. This incredibly legit Greggs.

@barryt88 / Via Twitter: @barryt88

15. This ridiculous queuing information sign.

@Calamity_Payne / Via Twitter: @Calamity_Payne

16. This rude word spelled out in a shop display.

gympowers / Via

17. And this notice asking people not to do it.

Tut tut.
fargerberg / Via Twitter: @fargerberg

Tut tut.

18. This great pun.

@DeweyE96 / Via Twitter: @DeweyE96

19. And this.

georgetakei / Via