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    24 Things That Everyone Secretly Finds Funny

    It's the little things in life.

    1. When a big billboard displays a computer error message.

    2. Especially if it's a really dated Windows warning.

    Funniest thing I've seen in a while — a car-sized error message on a digital billboard:

    3. When you see a badly placed advert.

    4. Finding a completely legit version of a brand.

    5. Or some poorly spelled Dollar Store merchandise.

    6. And seeing an extremely legit shop name.

    7. Whenever someone spells a rude word out in a shop display.

    Sooo.... I went to target and in the Christmas stuff and I see this spelt out in the stockings....

    8. And whenever someone makes a shop mannequin rude.

    9. Discovering a building that looks like a dick on Google maps.

    10. Seeing sassy church signs.

    11. And even sassier protest signs.

    12. Flyers for dogs that aren't missing, just awesome.

    13. And pretend listings for missing cats.

    14. Any time someone uses permanent marker on a whiteboard.

    when you use permanent marker on an interactive whiteboard

    15. When people at your work come to the office wearing the same outfit.

    16. Finding a slightly mistranslated menu on holiday.

    17. Seeing an underwhelming local news headline.

    18. And spotting a weird typo in a newspaper.

    19. Every time you see a subtitle fail.

    20. Or a particularly excellent Netflix description.

    21. Having your name spelled incorrectly on a Starbucks cup.

    22. When you see some excellent bathroom graffiti.

    Bathroom stall graffiti, London pub.

    23. Or some even wittier outdoor graffiti.

    24. And of course, seeing a rude place name in the wild.