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    19 Things Dads Do On Camping Trips

    *packs the car like a game of Tetris*

    1. Your dad will begin the process of organising the camping equipment many weeks before the trip.

    2. And stay up really late the night before the trip meticulously packing the car.

    Off camping. Dad packing #ftw #Tetris

    Packing the car is Tetris for dads.

    3. He will insist you leave really really early so you can miss the traffic.

    4. But of course, he will realise he has forgotten something crucial 5 minutes away from your house.

    5. As soon as you approach a small amount of traffic, your dad will take a really convoluted windy countryside road detour, which will make everyone feel car sick.

    6. Your dad will disobey the GPS.

    7. And get generally outraged when someone says they need the toilet, minutes after you've just left a service station.

    8. But nothing thrills dads more than pointing out other families driving to go camping and commenting on how their dad’s have packed the car.

    9. When you arrive at the campsite, your dad will spend ages looking for the exact right pitch.

    10. And if you’re meeting friends there, the dads will dedicate the first hour talking about the route they took to get there.

    11. Your dad will warn you many many times not to trip over the guy ropes.

    12. And tell everyone off for touching the walls of the tent.

    13. He'll probably wear a really intensely bright headtorch.

    14. And put on trousers that zip off into shorts.

    15. Your dad will definitely own some sort of extreme camping equipment more suited to hardcore wilderness survival than a quiet English campsite.

    16. He'll refuse to let anyone else interfere with the BBQ.

    17. And become obsessed with poking the campfire.

    18. Your dad will definitely get up with the sunrise every day.

    19. And he'll have a really, really, bloody complicated folding process for putting away the tent.