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19 Things Dads Do On Camping Trips

*packs the car like a game of Tetris*

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1. Your dad will begin the process of organising the camping equipment many weeks before the trip.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

This is because it takes a great deal of time to reclaim it from the garage, loft, shed, under the bed, and whoever you lent it to last.

2. And stay up really late the night before the trip meticulously packing the car.

Off camping. Dad packing #ftw #Tetris

Packing the car is Tetris for dads.


5. As soon as you approach a small amount of traffic, your dad will take a really convoluted windy countryside road detour, which will make everyone feel car sick.

DncnH / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: duncanh1

This will ultimately take the same amount of time as it would have to just sit in the traffic.

8. But nothing thrills dads more than pointing out other families driving to go camping and commenting on how their dad’s have packed the car.

Martin Thomas / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: martin_thomas

Paying particular attention to vehicles with badly attached bike racks and sleeping bags obscuring the rear windscreen. Tut tut.


10. And if you’re meeting friends there, the dads will dedicate the first hour talking about the route they took to get there.

Jason Pratt / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: jasonpratt

One of the dads will have taken a rogue detour via an obscure town. This will be discussed with great interest.


15. Your dad will definitely own some sort of extreme camping equipment more suited to hardcore wilderness survival than a quiet English campsite.


18. Your dad will definitely get up with the sunrise every day.

carol shergold / Via Flickr: carolshergold

The sunrise wakes all dads. They will rise at about 5am to bang pots around making breakfast or something while everyone else tries to sleep.