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    23 Of The Most Ridiculous Things '00s British Kids Hoarded

    Why did we hoard so many ~fancy~ plastic bags?

    1. JD Sports Bags.

    lngh / Via

    The chosen PE bag of the cool boys.

    2. And if you were a girl, Jane Norman bags.

    nubesyclaros / Via

    Obviously a way more practical PE bag than say, a normal drawstring bag.

    3. Followed by extremely fancy bags from shops like Abercrombie & Fitch and Jack Wills.

    bhavdaman / Via

    If you went there you'd buy the cheapest item in the shop so you could still get the bag.

    4. Tiny badges.

    davidpa3 / Via

    Which you pinned to your backpack/school blazer to express your ~ individuality ~.

    5. Festival wristbands.

    @hypophoran / Via Twitter: @hypophoran

    That person in Year 11 who first went to a festival was easily the coolest person in your school.

    6. Charity wristbands.

    siliconewristbandsdirect / Via

    You needed to wear so many that they almost cut off the circulation in your hands.

    7. Train tickets.

    @NofaNoir / Via Twitter: @NofaNoir

    It was important to keep the train ticket so you could commemorate the time you and your friends got the train into town and walked up and down the highstreet for a few hours.

    8. Bus tickets with McDonald's offers on the back.

    @yasthompson01 / Via Twitter: @yasthompson01

    Honestly had so many of these.

    9. And McDonald's Monopoly tickets.

    @anniebrown1991 / Via Twitter: @anniebrown1991

    You hoped for money, you usually just got some free chips, which was almost as good.

    10. Gemstones.

    @tf2wikia / Via Twitter: @tf2wikia

    These was one kid in every class who collected these.

    11. Keyrings.

    @Farnyfun / Via Twitter: @Farnyfun

    Even though you probably didn't have any keys.

    12. Magazines.

    @arixjb_ / Via Twitter: @arixjb_

    Because magazines took up such a huge chunk of your pocket money you could never throw them away. Instead they lived under your bed. Forever.

    13. Marbles

    Glenda Green / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    A hugely valuable commodity in primary school.

    14. And stickers

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    My pride and joy.

    15. Many kinds of valuable shiny card.

    Minh Hoang / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: minhimalism

    Imagine if you'd put the money you would have spent on those into a high interest savings account.

    16. Shag bands.

    @LauracMeehan / Via Twitter: @LauracMeehan

    There were rumours that the different colours meant you had done stuff but honestly there was never any consensus.

    17. Box top tokens.

    Howard Lake / Via Flickr: howardlake

    Your mum would help you hoard these from cereal boxes so your school could actually get some books in the library.

    18. World Book Day tokens.

    @wqecollege / Via Twitter: @wqecollege

    You'd always end up with a load of them in the bottom of your bag after you forgot to spend them.

    19. Phone charms.

    @missmechazero / Via Twitter: @missmechazero

    When you got your first phone it was vital to accessorise with a bunch of plastic hanging off it.

    20. Pencil cases.

    @lxvegun / Via Twitter: @lxvegun

    You never threw away the old ones so you probably had loads when you eventually left school.

    21. Highly prized furry pencils.

    @gaby_cruz_27 / Via Twitter: @gaby_cruz_27

    Which you never used because you were saving them.

    22. Empty fountain pen ink cartridges.

    @slutoon_ / Via Twitter: @slutoon_

    Always had a few of these knocking about in your pencil case.

    23. And, scoubidous, or whatever you called these things.

    @QmusicNL / Via Twitter: @QmusicNL