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    23 Of The Bleakest Christmas Trees In The World

    It's what Jesus would want.

    1. This tree where no expense was spared.

    2. This train station tree which is evidently ~highly~ dangerous.

    Warning. Christmas tree in operation. Please stand behind the yellow line.

    3. And this festive police station tree which had to be kettled.

    The Lewisham Police Station Christmas Tree is up ready for the Carol Service on 10 December! @MPSLewisham


    4. This hotel that went all out to make the place feel festive.

    Via Twitter: @chrisharris1975

    I feel like I'm in Lapland!

    5. This extremely sinister Orwellian Christmas tree.

    And a Merry Christmas from big brother? Christmas tree baubles throughout Canary Wharf

    It wouldn't be Christmas without Big Brother watching.

    6. This Christmas tree which completely fails to even slightly brighten up the grey carpet.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    7. This tiny lonely baby tree.

    8. This representation of Christmas in a house of student paramedics.

    unclebourbon / Via

    9. This sad Charlie Brown tree featuring exactly two decorations.

    porcupiny / Via Flickr: porcupiny

    10. This really bleak and upsetting train station tree.

    11. This tree which definitely isn't a Christmas tree.

    Via Twitter: @ch3m1stry

    Close enough.

    12. And this "tree" which is literally two baubles attached to a coathanger.

    Richard Leeming / Via Flickr: dickdotcom

    13. This tragic goth tree decorated with a toy giraffe.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    14. This tree that genuinely seems to have given up on life.

    My Christmas tree depressing af!

    15. This tree who went way too hard with the diet this year.

    S/o to my parents for getting the most depressing Christmas tree imaginable

    16. And this one that sadly lost all of its needles.

    I've found the world's most depressing Christmas tree

    17. This service station Costa "tree".

    18. This inflatable office nightmare.

    Hey, it looks like Christmas has come to @TWScene @jerrywofford

    19. And this highly innovative example of office decorating.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    20. This tragic laundry room tree surrounded by a bizarre array of furniture.

    The Christmas tree in my apartment complex's laundry room is both really out of place and really depressing.

    It's what Jesus would want.

    21. This upsetting tree in a shower.

    A tiny Christmas tree in a disused shower. How depressing. >

    22. This Christmas fan who made the most of what they had.

    If you think your day is quite depressing, I just made a Christmas tree out of post-it notes and a pen. Your move.


    23. And finally, this tree with a real fairy on top.

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