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    Sep 16, 2016

    19 Teachers Who Prove That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    So many bad puns.

    1. The high school teacher who found the easiest way to take attendance.

    kevbawt / Via

    2. And this teacher who knows exactly what his students are doing.

    iam_fat_guy_ / Via

    3. This teacher who gave their students some really achievable homework.

    bp6108 / Via

    4. The chemist who made this the cover for their students' workbooks.

    @nikkiiabad / Via Twitter: @nikkiiabad

    5. And this professor.

    @Everclear / Via


    6. This hero who introduced this policy.

    @ierdwyfke / Via Twitter: @ierdwyfke

    7. And the member of staff who gave their students this lovely parting gift.

    8. The history teacher who found an innovative way to teach their class about the Cold War hotline between the USSR and the USA.

    we're talking about the hot line... I love my teacher

    9. And the teacher who made this important Christmas door decoration.

    @jordan_storme / Via Twitter: @jordan_storme

    10. This teacher who won't take any shit from their students.

    11. The teacher who has the harshest punishment for playing Pokémon Go in class.

    @suoirecnac / Via Twitter: @suoirecnac

    12. And this teacher who saw right through Ryan's dad.

    KevinSmyth / Via

    13. The teacher who set this quiz, just to make sure their students were paying attention.

    @ayebefresh / Via Twitter: @ayebefresh

    14. The physics teacher who added this little joke to make themselves laugh.

    @Jacksfacebook / Via Twitter: @Jacksfacebook

    15. The inspirational teacher who put this up in their office so students could see it.

    brantoe / Via

    16. This teacher who took May 4 extremely seriously.

    17. The music teacher who made this important sign.

    NoahAndZoidberg / Via

    18. The science teacher who made this outrageous pun.

    jethro-cull / Via

    19. And the art teacher who made this pun.

    CheroCole / Via


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