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23 Struggles Dyslexic People Will Understand

When spell check has no solutions for you.

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2. Or when spell check betrays you.

4. And writing easier words because the first one you chose was too damn stressful.

7. When people at school would say they were jealous of you getting more time in exams.

#growingupdyslexic them: you're so lucky to get extra time I wish I was dyslexic!!!!! me:


9. Having to bribe yourself to study.

"If I read this paragraph I can have one sweet".

11. Constantly having your spelling corrected on the internet.

#GrowingUpDyslexic "You spelt that word wrong..."



13. And being destroyed by printed forms and instructions.

At the DMV renewing my license. This form does not have a audio version. #dyslexicproblems #ldproudtobe #dmv


14. Living in fear of writing your own name incorrectly.

So booking flights is literally the most stressful experience.

15. Trying to cook from a recipe book and having a disaster.

one time when I was twelve I misread the microwave brownie recipe and thought it said half a CUP of salt

Pasta or Pasatta? Prosecco or Prosciutto? Eh it's probably the same thing.

16. Having to write a list when you need to go to the shops for one item.

Because your short term memory is BAD.


17. Covering your house in reminders so that you actually remember to do things.

Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

How do people even remember to get the laundry out of the washing machine without four different alarms and three post it notes?

19. Constantly entering WiFi passwords incorrectly.

Because every time you look back the letters and numbers seem to be in a different order.

20. And not being able to deal with Captchas.