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25 Struggles Only People Who Did DofE Will Understand

Never eating a Nature Valley bar again.

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2. Eating your emergency rations in the minibus on the way there.

And then having nothing to cheer you up when it's pissing it down on Dartmoor.

3. Having to carry around an enormous backpack.

It genuinely never gets easier.

4. Falling over with your backpack on and not being able to get up again because it’s too heavy.

Guess I live here now.


7. Forgetting to line your backpack and getting everything wet.

Nothing worse than a damp sleeping bag.

8. Discovering that nobody in your group quite knows how to use a compass.

And then getting frightfully lost.


9. Which still isn't quite as bad as getting your OS map wet.

And then treating it like a baby so it doesn't tear. Or worse, having to navigate from a crap photocopy of an OS map because your school was too cheap to buy real ones.

10. Realising after a few hours of walking that you were absolutely not prepared for this.

Leedsdoggod / Via

Turns out that occasionally walking up to the top floor of the English building wasn't sufficient preparation.

11. Eating your own body weight in Nature Valley bars and never being able to eat them ever again.

So grim.


13. Covering yourself in Vaseline to try and avoid chafing.

Thigh chafing. Rucksack chafing. So much pain.

14. Spending loads of money on fancy socks but still somehow getting a blister.

And only being able to think about it for the entire time you're walking.

15. Getting a splinter from climbing over a fence.


16. Having to cross a field of terrifying cows.

And never being more scared in your entire life.


17. Or having to negotiate with some inquisitive sheep.

18. Reaching a stage of delirium after two days of walking in the rain and screaming songs from musicals at passing farm animals.

21. Only ever bothering to bring Super Noodles for dinner and thus ruining them for life.

Nothing like Super Noodles eaten out of a kettle after a hard days walking.

23. Literally getting bruises from your backpack.

LOOK AT THE BRUISE ON MY SHOULDER FROM MY DOFE BAG omg okay I agree with Miss Lambert my bag was a little too heavy

25. Ultimately going through all that pain FOR THIS.

And that one sentence on your UCAS form.