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23 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For People Who Work In Offices

Pls stop stealing the milk.

1. When there is a rogue lunch thief in the office.

Fuck that guy.

2. Or a dastardly and brazen milk bandit on the loose.

3. When your colleagues don't refill the coffee and everything becomes terrible and sad.

4. Or worse, when the coffee maker breaks and your life is basically over from then on.

This sign has appeared on our broken coffee machine at work @discoveryuk office today #broken #needmorebubblewrap

5. When your many cables and cords get stuck in the wheels of your office chair.

Oh dear. I just had a fatal accident with my office chair and my iPhone cable.

6. When your headphones aren't fully plugged in so your colleagues can all hear that you're listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

7. When you and your co-worker come to the office in the exact same outfit and it's just awkward for everyone involved.

Looks like @BeechardRich & @imbadatlife got the memo.

8. Or your company dress code just oppresses you so hard.

9. When your co-workers play mean pranks on you.

10. Because people who work in offices are basically just children wearing ties.

11. Who shouldn't be allowed to have this kind of power.

12. When you have to use someone else's gross keyboard.

13. When people leave dirty dishes in the office kitchen.

14. Because offices are disgusting, filthy places.

It's worrying that I've had to print off this sign for the room next door to mine. #officeproblems

15. When you come back from holiday and have several thousand emails.

16. When you email yourself.

Pixar/weknowmemes / Via

17. When you're down to your last working pen.

18. When you sit next to the photocopier and everyone assumes you're the photocopier technician because of this.

19. When that one person always brings cake in and it ruins your diet.

20. When your co-worker keeps talking to you.

21. So you always have to be on the lookout for spoilers.


22. When the office isn't even close to ever being the right temperature.

23. Because this is you, every damn day.

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