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    22 Of The Rudest Things That Have Ever Happened In Britain

    Fancy a trip to Shitterton?

    1. When Bill Turnbull said the c-word on BBC Breakfast.

    2. This horrific typo.


    3. When the BBC just got the subtitles totally wrong.

    When subtitles go wrong... #ChineseNewYear

    4. And again, and it was just plain filthy.

    5. This soup.

    Am I too old to be so amused by this...? 😳 Nah, you couldn't ever fail to be amused by Cock Soup...😂

    6. This road.

    Trojan_Llama / Via Flickr: trojanllama

    7. This signpost.

    David Smith / Via

    8. And this town.

    Jameslox / Via

    9. This man.

    10. And this man.

    11. This woman's name.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. There is an MP called Lady Garden. it is too good! (via @bunnysamisshape )

    12. This man's name.

    13. And this woman's name.

    Possibly the most unfortunate name ever !!!

    14. This Tesco fail.

    Dear Tesco, when faced with the decision of which word to abbreviate, 'Assorted' is not the one to chose.

    15. This Sunday Sport page.

    16. This well endowed squirrel from the Great British Bake Off.



    17. This card.

    A Card for a Special 'Aunt'?.. I'm Not so sure..

    18. This newspaper headline.

    Gloucester Echo / Via

    19. This cloud.

    20. This rude Milkybar.

    I'm sorry, but my MilkyWay bar looks like a penis.

    21. This fruity strawberry.

    22. And this episode of Countdown.

    Never a dull moment with Countdown <3 (via @HeatherNippers)

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