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45 Strangely Delightful Little Things That Cheer British People Up

Everything is shit but at least Pizza Express doughballs still exist (for now).

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1. Hearing about the traffic jam you're stuck in on the radio and feeling a little bit famous.

2. When your hometown is on the news for any reason at all (even if it’s a bit bad).

3. When your street is mentioned in your local newspaper.

4. Reading really enthusiastic local news stories about slightly dull town events, like the opening of a new Londis.

5. When three buses arrive at once and you get to make the classic “three buses at once” dad joke.

6. Being given literally any free sample at a train station.

7. Opening a magazine to discover an exciting complimentary mini sachet of moisturiser that you will then keep in your bag forever.

8. Getting a Clubcard voucher in the post, even if it's for something slightly dull like shower gel or cat food.

9. Actually remembering that voucher when you go to the shop and saving a wild 30p.

10. Staying in to wait for a delivery between 9am–12pm and it arriving at exactly one minute past 9.

11. Receiving a handwritten envelope in the post when it isn’t your birthday or Christmas, even though it’s a ~little~ bit terrifying.

12. Being sent a postcard from an elderly relative on their holidays.

13. Getting an extra stamp from a nice Caffè Nero barista.

14. And when you actually get to use your free coffee points, so you spend them on the most outrageous elaborate coffee on the menu.

15. Getting something free from McDonald’s Monopoly.

16. When you walk past a delightful cat that enjoys being fussed.

17. When a friendly dog gets on your bus.

18. Getting two seats to yourself for the duration of your train journey.

19. Drinking those surprisingly delicious pre-mixed booze cans from M&S on the train.

20. Managing to spend time with someone without either of you mentioning politics.

21. Going to the cinema and sneaking your own snacks in.

22. Arriving at the supermarket just as the yellow stickering begins and getting some off the chain bargains.

23. Going to Pizza Express and ordering doughballs.

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25. When anyone suggests getting dinner from the chip shop.

26. Getting a seat in a usually busy pub

27. Going to a big Tesco with a homewear department and TWO FLOORS.

28. Taking your trolley on the sloping escalator in the big Tesco.

29. Travelling on a moving walkway at the airport so you do that “super walk”.

30. Riding in trams (except when they’re late/busy).

31. Watching British films on TV while you're on holiday and having no idea what is going on.

32. When any TV show is narrated by David Attenborough.

33. Whenever a dog wins Britain's Got Talent.

34. Any time a British celebrity goes on Ellen.

35. When any British athlete does anything in the Olympics, even if they come last.

36. Any day between 20 and 24°C when there are clear skies and it’s not ridiculously humid.

37. Walking past an exceptionally well-maintained front garden with lots of flowers in it.

38. Driving on a recently resurfaced stretch of road.

39. When you don’t have enough change for a parking meter and somebody gives you 20p.

40. Marvelling at the outstanding variety of Percy Pigs available in M&S.

41. Humorously named knockoff versions of branded food in Aldi.

42. The kind of slightly bland biscuits you only get at grandparent’s houses and village halls.

43. Surprise Hobnobs in the biscuit tin.

44. Slyly taking a sweet every time you walk past the Quality Street tin around Christmas.

45. Getting a Müller corner for pudding and considering it the height of luxury.