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19 Mildly Boring Things British Teens Did When They Went "To Town"

Just walking up and down the high street aimlessly for hours.

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1. Organise to meet your friends "in town" so you could walk up and down the highstreet for hours.

Stephen McKay / Creative Commons / Via

Sometimes you'd sit on a bench or look in the window of a Greggs, for variety.

4. Try and get a JD Sports/Jane Norman bag without buying anything.

Because you needed a new PE bag.


9. And always end up going round Past Times for no real reason when it was near Christmas.

Basher Eyre / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via

A shop that only seemed to sell jigsaws and ornamental telescopes probably wasn't for you.

10. Go to Woolworths to spend all your pocket money on Pic n' Mix.

Good night, sweet prince.

12. Go to Claire's so the person who wanted to get a risky piercing could back out at the last second.

bargainmoose / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 31954284@N07

There was that girl in every school who'd spend ages talking about getting a nose piercing and then never actually do it.


16. And if you went to a really big town, go to the Apple store and take loads of photobooth pictures.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

And then upload them all to Facebook in an album called "Apple Store Funtimes :D 04/12/2005".