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24 Secrets People Who Work At Thorpe Park Will Never Tell You.

There’s a secret staff canteen under the big dome.

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3. And the staff canteen is famous for making ridiculous food like chicken nugget wraps.

4. People often try to buy booze from the bar as soon as it opens.

Which is 9:30am! They of course get refused.

5. The best ride to queue for when you arrive is Saw.

It's furthest away from the entrance and most people tend to rush to Swarm first. You're better off working your way back from there.


9. Staff often get to try out the Fright Night mazes before any members of the public.

10. And working in the Fright Night mazes is pretty damn fun.

Getting to scare people shitless!

11. Although Fright Nights can be pretty grim evenings for regular staff to work.

Apparently a combination of rude teenagers, really drunk people, long shifts, and mind-numbing cold doesn't always make for a great evening at work.


14. Loads of visitors lose their phones and wallets on the rides.

The maintenance staff regularly find loads of phones, wallets, and hundreds of pounds' worth of cash that have fallen out of people's pockets on the rides.


17. And they do actually get some free tickets for friends to get into the park.

So your friends who work at Thorpe Park are lying if they say they can't get you in for free.

18. Working on the food and drink stands is apparently the worst job in the park.

Standing over a hotdog grill in August means you get pretty sweaty, and food and beverage staff have to stay late to clean for ages.


20. But staff hate it just as much as you when a ride breaks down.

The worst part is having to stand outside a ride to tell people it's shut. Members of the public often shout at staff as though they have personally broken the ride.

21. X:\ No Way Out makes people vomit a lot more than you’d think.

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The ride was regularly shut for "essential cleaning" meaning someone had been sick. There was apparently a wall inside the ride called "the chunder wall" because so many guests vomited on it.

23. The bus back to the station is always crammed full of people who’ve won those giant teddy bears. / Via Flickr: seattlecamera

It's actually a bit annoying when you can't get on the bus home because it's crammed with Minions.


24. Despite all this staff make best friends for life working there, and it’s apparently a pretty fun place to work.

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