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22 Reasons Life Was Easier In 2005

Remember life without the "seen" tick?

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6. And it was a lot harder for future employers to find out everything about you online.

No embarrassing old tweets to find. Although they could find your LiveJournal, which would probably have been more cringeworthy.


11. You never had to suffer the pain of accidentally opening the front camera.

When you accidentally open your front camera


18. There was no worry of being subtweeted.

When you see someone subtweeting about u


20. And you never woke up to hundreds of notifications that you felt obliged to read through.

My whatsapp notifications today are atrocious 😷

Probably only checked your emails once a day then.

21. You weren't constantly worrying about your phone running out of battery.

How it feels when your phone is at 1%

22. And you didn't have to deal with these fucking things breaking all the time.

Remember when Apple cables were substantial?

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