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    Posted on Jun 3, 2016

    19 Hilariously Terrible Bootleg DVD Fails

    So legit.

    1. Game of Thrones season 2.

    glasskites1 / Via

    That's probably the font they use isn't it.

    2. True Detective.

    C2a1d1897b / Via

    Yep this is slightly misleading.

    3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    FunkSiren / Via

    This is incredible.

    4. Drive.

    MoSJ / Via

    My favourite part of Drive was the desert island scene...

    5. This excellent "thriller movies collection."

    Creative Commons / Via

    TBF Herbie Fully Loaded is kind of terrifying.

    6. J. Edgar, but with way more fire.

    kidjingo / Via

    This looks like a lot more exciting than the original TBH.

    7. This "movie" of a Star Wars game.

    JameshunterRN / Via

    Definitely a Star Wars movie...

    8. And this one.

    spacetrainbuckshot / Via

    Science fiction perform distinctive!

    9. MacGyver, but way more muscly.

    BradleyFriesen / Via

    He has made some GAINS.

    10. I Am Legend.

    WaiYuLookAtMyUsername / Via

    IMAGINE if Adam Sandler had been cast in this movie.

    11. Flashies Spider Man .

    mattza / Via Flickr: 27762949@N00

    12. Harry Potter.

    Shoutout to the cover quote "...Engaging lonely between...". "Directed by Billy Bon Thornton." Also starring Colin Farrell, classic.

    13. SuperBabies.

    Brian Sawyer / Via Flickr: olivepress

    That may not be the quote the directors had in mind.

    14. BBC.

    James Trosh Follow / Via Flickr: troshy

    The classic movie BBC, by BBC, starring, BBC.

    15. Capote.

    Indi Samarajiva / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: indi

    I do not remember any strippers being on fire in that movie but maybe I wasn't paying attention IDK.

    16. 50 First Dates.

    C2a1d1897b / Via


    17. Die Hard.

    ASS2MOUTH / Via

    Or as it's sometimes known, Reluctant Hero.

    18. Lincoln.

    @StaggeringStewB / Via Twitter: @StaggeringStewB

    "He's wearing jeans, for christ's sake".

    19. And Taken 3.

    @cungss / Via Twitter: @cungss

    "So terrible it was actually funny".

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