21 Random Things You Find In Every Teacher's Bag

    So many dried up markers.

    1. Non-working biros.

    2. And several of these markers, only one of which works.

    3. A stack of marking to do.

    4. At least one empty Tupperware.

    5. A fork.

    6. A single exercise book.

    7. A reading book or textbook.

    8. A lanyard.

    9. And a huge bunch of keys.

    10. Stickers.

    11. A Christmas card from a student.

    12. A precious USB stick.

    13. A badge you got from a conference.

    14. And random union branded items.

    15. An item confiscated from a student.

    16. And a confiscated note.

    17. An emergency chocolate bar.

    18. And an emergency breakfast.

    19. Loads of hand sanitiser.

    20. At least one packet of throat lozenges, slightly stuck to the bottom of your bag.

    21. And of course, a shitload of tissues.