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    21 Random Things You Find In Every Teacher's Bag

    So many dried up markers.

    1. Non-working biros.

    @FredCookeNZ / Via Twitter: @FredCookeNZ

    They basically breed in your bag.

    2. And several of these markers, only one of which works.

    Made in China / Via

    3. A stack of marking to do.

    @KyleLeaman / Via Twitter: @KyleLeaman

    4. At least one empty Tupperware.

    @TStratford / Via Twitter: @TStratford

    Containing the remnants of your lunch from several days ago.

    5. A fork.

    @emilyjoneswho / Via Twitter: @emilyjoneswho

    Because your staff room has a serious cutlery shortage you have to carry your own.

    6. A single exercise book.

    @elzibelz / Via Twitter: @elzibelz

    For some reason.

    7. A reading book or textbook.

    8. A lanyard.

    @lauren_h_mann / Via Twitter: @lauren_h_mann

    At least for the the five minutes a day when it's not round your neck.

    9. And a huge bunch of keys.

    @angry_fish / Via Twitter: @angry_fish

    For all the locked cupboards in the classroom.

    10. Stickers.

    @BabyyyBex / Via Twitter: @BabyyyBex

    11. A Christmas card from a student.

    @dme33 / Via Twitter: @dme33

    Whatever time of year it is.

    12. A precious USB stick.

    @radio_coco / Via Twitter: @radio_coco

    Which you could NEVER lose.

    13. A badge you got from a conference.

    @swandagger / Via Twitter: @swandagger

    14. And random union branded items.

    NASUWT / Via

    15. An item confiscated from a student.

    @Chuck__Dragon / Via Twitter: @Chuck__Dragon

    Almost certainly something cool.

    16. And a confiscated note.

    @PawnSacrifice / Via Twitter: @PawnSacrifice

    17. An emergency chocolate bar.

    @Naninana007 / Via Twitter: @Naninana007

    For those days (every day) when you don’t have time to eat lunch.

    18. And an emergency breakfast.

    @maggieavis11 / Via Twitter: @maggieavis11

    19. Loads of hand sanitiser.

    @Teacher_Tales1 / Via Twitter: @Teacher_Tales1

    Because you're desperate to avoid those school germs.

    20. At least one packet of throat lozenges, slightly stuck to the bottom of your bag.

    @AlanaAltman / Via Twitter: @AlanaAltman

    21. And of course, a shitload of tissues.

    @juliannarosee_ / Via Twitter: @juliannarosee_

    Because you always seem to have a cold.

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