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    Posted on Jun 6, 2016

    19 Of The Filthiest Things To Happen In British Supermarkets

    Putting the D in bread.

    1. When M&S decided on this filthy poster.

    @diagram_design / Via Twitter: @diagram_design

    They knew that they were doing. They knew.

    2. And put up this sign up in the toilets.

    Not sure what to make of this sign in the M&S toilets

    It's about Dyson Airblades. Nothing funny to see here.

    3. When Sainsbury's suggested bringing condoms to a picnic.

    @NeilSehmbhy / Via Twitter: @NeilSehmbhy

    4. And sold copies of Fifty Shades next to the batteries.

    @dixieonline / Via Twitter: @dixieonline

    We know what you're insinuating there...

    5. When Tesco suggested this.

    @RenTyrie / Via Twitter: @RenTyrie

    6. And this.

    @cigarboyrick82 / Via Twitter: @cigarboyrick82

    7. When someone did this in M&S.

    gympowers / Via

    8. And made these cushions look very rude.

    @laura_and_mr_b / Via Twitter: @laura_and_mr_b

    9. When this birthday card with a knob on it was sold.

    @steevbishop / Via Twitter: @steevbishop

    10. And these biscuits somehow got sold in Sainsbury's.

    @fisheyedboy / Via Twitter: @fisheyedboy

    Only those with filthy minds will find this funny.

    11. When M&S sold this filthy product.

    @callumrsmith / Via Twitter: @callumrsmith

    12. And created this sort of rude packaging.

    @JamesAsh_89 / Via Twitter: @JamesAsh_89


    13. When these Asda mannequins were caught in the act.

    14. And when M&S was forced into desperate measures to get people to come to the shops.

    @logan_nick / Via Twitter: @logan_nick


    15. When a menace to society spelled this out in spice jars.

    @cigarboyrick82 / Via Twitter: @cigarboyrick82

    16. And someone wrote this in Asda.

    @dizzyizzy42 / Via Twitter: @dizzyizzy42

    17. When this rude-as-hell visual wordplay happened.

    @JosephKocharian / Via Twitter: @JosephKocharian


    18. When Sainsbury's sold these lollies.

    @mat711 / Via Twitter: @mat711

    How RUDE.

    19. And when there was nothing funny to see here.

    @Emmiesmc / Via Twitter: @Emmiesmc


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