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    18 Things Everyone Who Hates PDA Will Understand

    More like public display of awfulness.

    1. In your mind, PDA is maybe the grossest thing in the world.

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    Nope nope nope.

    2. When you see couples make out in public you just want it to end.

    Melhay/ Fox / Via

    3. Because nobody needs to see this.

    Howard Bernstein / Via

    4. But there's nothing worse than PDA on the bus where you can't escape.


    5. Or seeing it on the train on the way to work.



    6. You just want to heckle these people.

    NBC/Matt's Gifs / Via

    But that's not acceptable.

    7. But instead you just look away and hope it ends soon.

    Color Force / Via

    8. But even if you look away sometimes you can still hear that kissing noise, which is GROSS.

    NBC / Via

    Like the sound of two fish being slapped together.

    9. There's nothing worse than being the third wheel with your handsy couple friends.

    10. Or being in the lounge when your housemate brings their new boyfriend over.

    11. But it's even worse when you're in a relationship and your partner is really into PDA.

    And you don't want to offend them but then, PEOPLE MIGHT SEE.

    12. Because this is just about the only acceptable PDA you're willing to participate in.

    13. And you can just about deal with hand holding.

    14. Because you only engage in PDA when you’re drunk.

    MTV / Via

    And then it's PDA with everyone. Your SO. Your friends. Random people.

    15. The kiss cam is your absolute idea of hell.

    Kiss 106 / Via

    16. You live in fear of the “you may now kiss the bride” moment if you ever get married.


    Kissing IN FRONT OF ALL OF YOUR RELATIVES *breaks into cold sweat*.

    17. You even sometimes feel uncomfortable with PDA on TV.

    darkwingdame / ABC / Via

    Especially when your parents are in the room :/

    18. But there is nothing worse than seeing your parents PDA.

    FremantleMedia North America / Via

    Eww eww eww.

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