18 Animals Who Will Restore Your Faith In Politics

    Finally, leaders we can all support.

    1. This mayor.

    2. This skilled Canadian prime ministerial catdidate.

    3. This firm but fair town mayor.

    4. Presidential candidate Limberbutt McCubbins.

    5. This Russian mayoral candidate.

    6. This wize and fair leader.

    7. Morris.

    Morris ran for Mayor of Xalapa, Mexico.

    8. This drunken parliamentary candidate.

    He's a purrfect catdidate: a cat running for Canadian parliament. http://t.co/NwYeOZ4GHi @hyperallergic #Humbert2015

    9. This highly experienced stateswoman.

    10. The handsome and beautiful leader, Mayor Max.

    Max is the Mayor of Idyllwild, California.

    11. This highly skilled politician.

    Sid ran for mayor of Austin, and is really good at holding pizza in his mouth.

    12. Astute politician, Tuxedo Stan.

    Tuxedo ran for mayor of Halifax, Canada.

    13. Presidential candidate Morris.

    14. Boosh, the candidate for Labour leadership.

    15. Dave the cat.

    16. This crawfish.

    17. Giggles the pig.

    18. And Clay Henry, the completely wild beer drinking mayor of Lajitas, Texas.