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    23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

    "You're under a rest."

    1. This extremely rude stave.

    2. This joke which is just so bad it's good.

    3. This pun which every music student can relate to.

    4. And this pun.

    5. This extremely creepy B.

    6. This filth.

    7. And this slightly more subtle version.

    8. This offensive accidental.

    9. These cruel dynamics.

    10. This annotation that perfectly symbolises being in an orchestra.

    11. And this classic orchestra joke.

    12. This joke which ~may~ be too soon.

    13. And this one that probably is.

    14. This direction that no woodwind player could help laughing at.

    15. This thing which should basically be illegal.

    16. This incredibly clever note.

    17. This important suggestion box.

    An oldie but a goodie. We use to have one of these in my college choir.


    19. This musical dad joke.

    20. This one that might take a while to work out.

    21. These memes that should go up on the wall of every music classroom.

    22. This Facebook post that all musical parents can relate to.

    23. And finally, this direction which makes total sense.