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    24 Pictures That Will Really Piss Off Cyclists

    It's not a real bike lane unless there's a bollard in the middle of it.

    1. This lane that presents a challenge to even the most experienced cyclists.

    dmannen / Via

    2. This super useful, tree-filled nightmare.

    Partageons / Via

    3. This lane that helpfully lets you ride on a tiny bit of pavement.

    Gentley / Via

    4. And this teeny tiny bike lane.

    KennyMc88 / Via

    5. This roadworks sign, helpfully left in the middle of the lane.

    6. And this quirky cafe sign just waiting for someone to swerve into the road.

    Twitter: @JimHowitt1

    Not a very good way to attract the fixie bike crowd.

    7. This lane that lets you enjoy the thrill of riding straight through the traffic.

    ThatSwedishBastard / Via

    8. And this highly dangerous experience.

    9. This lane that gives you the thrill of cycling between two cars.

    Google Streetview

    10. This moron driving in a bike lane so that the cyclist is in the road.

    bostonbicyclist / Via

    11. And these people who helpfully parked in the bike lane.

    12. This really useful bike lane.

    Aerostudents / Via

    Must be, what, 6 feet?

    13. This lane that seems to be there just to break up the monotony of riding on straight roads.

    nokeski / Via

    14. This route that will probably hurt quite a bit.

    Rcam92 / Via

    15. And this lane that brutally ends in a hospital visit.

    sameen / Via

    16. This ridiculously tiny triangular lane.

    17. This really fun route.

    18. And this route that seems to suggest riding through some massive metal columns.

    19. This path that points you straight into the grass.

    20. And this lane that helpfully lets you slam into the kerb.

    21. This route that just seems a bit silly.

    22. And this one that is even sillier.

    Google Maps / Via!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swDm6Ay4J_JD482ZyjYEOjw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x48798536f858efb1:0x23cd682000a1bf2b

    23. This utterly useless bike path.

    sameen / Via

    24. And this super safe bike lane, right on the edge of a canal.


    Imagine trying to navigate that after a few pints.

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