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    22 Pictures That Will Mildly Thrill Every Teacher

    So many beautifully sharpened pencils.

    1. This pure and beautiful witchcraft.

    Jaysteeny / Via

    2. This wonderful rainbow.

    Miguel Á. Padriñán / Public Domain / Via

    3. And these incredible pencils.

    Horia Andrei Varlan / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    4. This absolutely wonderful student handwriting.

    @herndonjw / Via Twitter: @herndonjw

    5. And this truly perfect tick.

    6. These neatly lined up Expo markers.

    @kara_joelle / Via Twitter: @kara_joelle

    Almost perfect.

    7. These uniform staples.

    unsureandcurious / Via

    8. These glorious crayons.

    stux / Public Domain / Via

    9. This classroom where all the chairs have been tucked away neatly.

    @rsaacademymusic / Via Twitter: @rsaacademymusic

    So neat. So tidy.

    10. This goddamned beautiful untouched aisle of school supplies.

    @OddlySatisfied / Via Twitter: @OddlySatisfied

    11. These felt-tip pens that have been put back in their box in COLOUR ORDER.

    Adrian Michael / Via

    12. And these markers that have been put back in the pots with all the lids on.

    Johann Dréo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nojhan

    Mother of god.

    13. This delightfully organised music room cupboard.

    @jdammiedw / Via Twitter: @jdammiedw

    14. This incredible classroom shadow.

    Bitcoin_CFO / Via

    15. This teacher's absolutely ridiculous handwriting.

    16. And this outrageous whiteboard writing.

    17. These pure pencil erasers.

    pboiswag / Via Twitter: @pboiswag

    So pure.

    18. This goddamn shelf porn.

    @VisitationHM / Via Twitter: @VisitationHM

    19. This new and untouched pad of paper.

    @hannah_efronn / Via Twitter: @hannah_efronn

    20. And this glorious and shiny brand-new whiteboard.

    @skyetokki / Via Twitter: @skyetokki

    21. All these brand-new exercise books.

    @ysgolbryncoch / Via Twitter: @ysgolbryncoch

    22. And this stack of completed marking.

    @sanjeedah / Via Twitter: @sanjeedah

    And BREATHE.