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23 Pictures That Prove Why You Should Never Do Anything Yourself

Never. Try.

1. You might put an Ikea chair together and realise you'd done it backwards.

2. You could spend hours slaving away making a beautiful cheesecake, and then accidentally drop it on the floor.

Aw I dropped the fucking cheesecake.

3. You might try extra hard in the morning and make yourself a nice coffee, only to leave it on the roof of your car.

4. Or you could work really hard on your homework and then spill coffee all over it.

5. And of course, your dog might eat your homework.

6. You could come home from work after a long day and ruin your nice skillet bread dinner.

7. You might save up for ages to buy a new laptop, and then run over it with your car.

8. You might try and take your dog for a nice walk but he'll just decide to get stuck in a tree.

9. You might spend ages growing your nails out only TO BREAK ONE.

10. Or accidentally rub your eyes after spending hours getting your eyeliner on point.

A forgot-I-was-wearing-makeup-and-rubbed-my-eyes selfie

11. You might try and do a cool skateboard trick and then just fall over.

12. You might try to do a backflip at your graduation and fall on your ass.

13. You could spend hours decorating your Christmas tree only to have it get knocked over by your damn cat.

14. You could try and do some laundry, only for the bubbles to somehow come out of the toilet.

washing machine broke it started pushn bubbles out the toilet! #Thatjusthappened @DCAAA88 @CCAAA88 @MarlanaCarver

15. And then you could attempt to iron your clothes, only to make a massive hole in them.

Tried ironing my track jersey... #fail

16. You might make yourself a lovely smoothie and drop it on the floor, accidentally creating a horror film scene.

17. And you could try really hard to be healthy, only to have your blender betray you.

18. You might try and make some nice Pinterest Wookie cookies and they could haunt your dreams.

19. Or you could try and make a nice turtle cake and it could end up being verrrry creepy.

20. You could try making this fruit pizza for your kids, and it could terrify them.

21. You could try to take a nice Pinterest photo of your baby, only for them to ruin it.

22. You could try to surprise your mum for Mother's Day and this could happen.

Tried to surprise my mum for Mother's Day. put this in the special requirements and they FUCKIN PRINT IT ON THE BOX

23. And you could try to buy your wife some nice flowers, only to discover you accidentally bought fancy veg.

dad bought my mum asparagus for valentines day thinkin they were daffodils nope I am done